Review: Wellness Radio, Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND

“While the magic wand holds its power, there is power in the hand that holds the wand.  Abella is a powerful little fairy.” Click for Review

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Spotlight: Voyage Houston Magazine spotlights Zane Carson Carruth

The spacious River Oaks Bookstore Westheimer location was a hubbub of activity when it hosted the launch of children’s book author Zane Carson Carruth’s newest title. Click Here for Link

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Interview: Dr.Jeanette Welcomes Zane Carruth, children’s book author to her broadcast

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Review: The Children’s Book Review

“On top of creating an imaginative yarn, most likely different to any Tooth Fairy story you’ve heard, the author has built in opportunities to discuss stranger danger and personal safety. The colorful illustrations are engaging and the characters (minus the old bee) are depicted cheerfully.” Click for Review

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Review: Working Mommy Journal

“This was a precious book that was fun to read out loud to my son. Zane puts a clever take on words and the story flows so nicely which is a must for children’s books.” Click for Review

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Award: World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever Earned the Story Monsters Seal of Approval

CHANDLER, AZ (March, 2018) – The judges of the Story Monsters Approved program, which recognizes accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature have spoken, and The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever by Zane Carson Carruth has earned the seal of approval.

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Review: Dana Dewedoff-Carney, RVN TV Host Mid Day with Dana; Founder Rise for Women

“A delightful excursion into a magical world about a fairy who works beautifully to foster her own inner power and discovery of self.” 

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Press Release: Toothy Grins All Around, TransMedia Group to Promote Author Zane Carruth’s New Book “The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group was selected to brand and bring awareness to the first story unveiling the tooth fairy. Readers will experience a journey of courage and adventure alongside Abella the fairy and her friend Darcie, and discover how it leads her into the accidental dawning of a worldwide … Continue reading “Press Release: Toothy Grins All Around, TransMedia Group to Promote Author Zane Carruth’s New Book “The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever”

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River Oaks Power Player’s Charming Children’s Book is 25 Years in the Making The Tooth Fairy Goes Big Time

Zane Carson Carruth wrote her just-published children’s book on a Sunday afternoon , but it would take 25 years before she put it all together, published it and had a book signing party at River Oaks Bookstore.
“I grabbed a spiral notebook and just started writing about a little fairy. I pictured my daughter in my mind as I wrote,” she tells PaperCity. “I did not have a  plan in my mind when I started writing.  As the story unfolded on paper and the little fairy lost the bead on her favorite purse, the tooth fairy story just happened one page at a time.”

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Local Author Book Signing

Houston, Texas  May 25, 2017 :  River Oaks Bookstore hosted a book launch and signing for local author Zane Carruth for her debut children’s  book titled The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever   on May 25th at their Westheimer location. The event was very well attended by over 60 people.  The enthusiastic crowd  bought 89 of the books, as well as  commented they were excited to purchase her second book, The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever Gets Her Magic Wand  which will be  published later this year.  Ms. Carruth has also published The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever  Coloring and Activity book.

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  • Author Zane Carson Carruth has been featured in Paper City Magazine, CKW Lux Magazine, Absolutely Memorial and the El Campo Leader News.

  • The Houston Grand Opera and Discovery Green Conservatory Park presented The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever in the First Songs production during Spring Break on March 15, 16 and 17th 2017.