First-time children’s author has El Campo roots

Tucked away for years,Zane Carson Carruth had forgotten about a story she penned about a small fairy until a few months ago. About 25 years ago, while waiting on her daughter to return home one afternoon, she sat down to write a short children’s story.
“I grabbed a spiral notebook and just started writing about a little fairy,” she said. “I pictured my daughter in my mind as I wrote.
I had no plan in mind as I started writing. As the story unfolded on paper and the little fairy lost the bead on her favorite purse; the tooth fairy story just happened, one page at a time.” Carruth says she’s always wanted to write a book, but not necessarily a children’s book. The story, however, resurfaced when she decided to broaden her professional background.
“Several months ago I went to Charleston, S.C. to complete my  certification in  professional etiquette and protocol and noticed the instructor had written a children’s book on being polite,” she said. “I asked her numerous questions about publishing and when I returned home, I have done nothing but work on getting it put together.”
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  • Author Zane Carson Carruth has been featured in Paper City Magazine, CKW Lux Magazine, Absolutely Memorial and the El Campo Leader News.

  • The Houston Grand Opera and Discovery Green Conservatory Park presented The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever in the First Songs production during Spring Break on March 15, 16 and 17th 2017.