River Oaks Power Player’s Charming Children’s Book is 25 Years in the Making The Tooth Fairy Goes Big Time

Zane Carson Carruth wrote her just-published children’s book on a Sunday afternoon , but it would take 25 years before she put it all together, published it and had a book signing party at River Oaks Bookstore.

“I grabbed a spiral notebook and just started writing about a little fairy. I pictured my daughter in my mind as I wrote,” she tells PaperCity. “I did not have a  plan in my mind when I started writing.  As the story unfolded on paper and the little fairy lost the bead on her favorite purse, the tooth fairy story just happened one page at a time.”

Carruth put the book in a drawer but never forgot about it. At a business conference (she is president of Carson Marketing, LLC) last year one of the speakers shared her insights on book publishing. “I gleaned all I could about the process from her and was laser focused from that point on to get mine in print,” she says.

Meanwhile she and her husband, Brady Carruth, chaired this past spring’s opera ball. So her plate has been plenty full this last year.

“Finding the right editor, layout person, illustrators, proof readers and printer was a long process.” she says. “Ultimately, I developed friendships with each person I worked with and am very excited to work with them again on the next book.” Carruth adds that she reviewed dozens of illustrators through a company based in India before she found one that created “the look of the main fairy, Abella, exactly like I wanted her.”

And, thus, The World’s First Tooth Fairy  . . . Ever was published by Carson Marketing, available at River Oaks Bookstore and at Amazon.com. Next up: The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever Gets Her Magic Wand.

A host of notables turned out for the book signing and walked out with 90 copies of the charming book. Among them:  Brady Carruth, Perryn Leech, Robin Angly and Miles Smith, Carolyn Faulk, Larissa and Scott Ipsen, Gayle Eury, Hildi Cabot, Tami and Frank Erwin, Greg Robertson, Lynn Guggolz, and Warner Roberts.


  • Author Zane Carson Carruth has been featured in Paper City Magazine, CKW Lux Magazine, Absolutely Memorial and the El Campo Leader News.

  • The Houston Grand Opera and Discovery Green Conservatory Park presented The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever in the First Songs production during Spring Break on March 15, 16 and 17th 2017.