Book Launch and Signing December 20,2018

River Oaks Bookstore hosted a book launch and signing for local author Zane Carruth for her second children’s book titled The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever, The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand on December 20th at their Westheimer location. This is the second book in the trademarked series featuring the tooth fairy Abella and her friend Darcie.  The event was very well attended by over 50 people.  The enthusiastic crowd bought copies of both books as well as the coloring and activity book.

The third book in the series; Abella Starts A Tooth Fairy School will launch September 2020.

Spotted among the crowd was Brady Carruth, Terrylin Neale, Beth Madison, Rini Ziegler, Ann Ayers, Cheryl Byington, Leila Perrin, Brittany and Adam Clark, Perryn Leech, Greg Robertson, Suzy Bergner, Kylie Conner.

The Tooth Fairy Goes Crypto

You think I’m joking, don’t you? Hahahah, the joke’s on you! Everyday, my inbox is flooded with press releases from countless PR firms telling me why I need to write a story about their client, and how great it would be for our audience. TODAY….in comes a press release from Texas on an author who has reimagined the whole Tooth Fairy story and included cryptocurrencies in the tale as well. Yup. Now, I personally applaud the inventiveness, but I have to admit, I had to stop, rub my eyes, and re-read this one a few times before it all sunk in. The point of course, is not the story so much as the fact that crypto has now gone this deep into our shared lexicon. I find it fascinating.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Tooth Fairy Leaves Cryptocurrency Under Pillows

“The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever”

Houston, TX, 2018 –In today’s day, children are getting more than they expected under their pillow. Children’s author and Houston native, Zane Carson Carruth, says “The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever” is setting the stage for a new era for the Tooth Fairy!

“It’s brilliant! This is the currency of the future, and Zane jumped right on board and is sharing her story, about where the Tooth Fairy came from and look where we are now!” said Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group. “Even Fairytales have to be up on the times and stay in the now,” added Mazzone.

Zane takes readers on a journey through Tulip Hollow in the eyes of a little fairy named Abella as she takes on new challenges, adventures, and courage to solve unexpected problems. This fun adventure leads to beginning the tooth fairy tradition we all love and puts a spin on how it all got started.

Zane wants parents to share this story and be sure to leave some cryptocurrency and educate children on the new and innovative system for currency that’s in our world today.

“I try to look at the world through a child’s perspective and knowing that today’s kids are growing up with cryptocurrency, our Tooth Fairy will adapt to that too,” said Zane.

Toothy Grins All Around, TransMedia Group to Promote Author Zane Carruth’s New Book “The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group was selected to brand and bring awareness to the first story unveiling the tooth fairy. Readers will experience a journey of courage and adventure alongside Abella the fairy and her friend Darcie, and discover how it leads her into the accidental dawning of a worldwide phenomenon.

“I am thrilled to be working with the extremely talented staff at TransMedia Group. I considered several PR firms, but selected them because I have seen their results and wanted my book to be in the best hands,” said Carruth. “I am very excited to be promoting my book with the best!” said Carruth. While collaborating with TransMedia and her own company Carson Marketing, LLC in the publication process, Carruth dedicates her book to her family.

“We’re excited to see where Zane’s success takes her next,” said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone, “It has been a pleasure working with her and assisting her in the branding of her persona as an author while shedding light on this untold story.”

Not only will The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever unveil a tale of adventure and bravery, but the challenge of solving unexpected problems and the resourcefulness needed to find one’s way back home.

With many tooth fairy books on the market, Carson has set herself apart from the collective by telling the first story behind the tooth fairy’s inception.

Alongside the publication of the book, coloring and activity books will be available for children to create magical adventures of their own.

TransMedia Group will bring awareness to Zane’s creative mind and her influence on others

“The wild imaginations of children all around the world will finally be captured by the magic of the story of the World’s First Tooth Fairy.”

Publicity highlights will include promotion of Zane and her book through a variety of PR campaigns, social media engagement, and a book signing approaching this upcoming December 7th at the Palm Beach Book Store with details to follow.

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